The TBS 2007 Awards


Best Password : Phas.

A close run category this year. After reading all of your passwords (you know, because I can and therefore should *sigh*) the award goes to tbsphas. Seriously - I would have been disappointed if this was the answer to one of your challenges :)


The 'Neo' Award : rhican

For being the one. For repeatedly ignoring the pained cries of the unwashed masses and continuing to edumacate us even when we thought you were a false prophet.

Mystic Meg predicts great things when you turn your expertise to the intractable problems in the Middle East.


Best Short response : DevAstatoR

For this gem. Personally I think he should get a custom colour for his name or a custom title it underneath it, just for this. Succinct, uncannily accurate with a nice dash of ZINGGGG! Bravo.


Best Use of Logic in a Thread : rhican

Some things are so evident that they don't need any evidence. With no belief nothing exists. Here endeth the lesson.


Highest score awarded by Plasmator in any category : 2


The George Custer award for courage in the face of overwhelming odds: rhican

For maintaining an untenable position far beyond the point where an ordinary mortal would have given up and accepted defeat. For unwavering, uncompromising support of far lost positions.


Most Improved Security Expert : quangntenemy

Joining forces with t3h rhican was a good move in 2007 for the quangmeister. Following so closely as rhican sanitised the interweb quang cannot have failed to have reached security nirvana under his tutelage.


Best Playground Taunt : rhican

"I stole your marbles". To those who thought he was just a Security God, rhican proved himself the modern day equivalent of Shakespeare with these finely honed barbs that sent many a grown man scurrying for cover, weeping at their impotence in the face of such penmanship.


Best Admin : []

Several good contenders. Well several contenders at least. However all are devoid of marbles and thus ineligible. Will carry over for 2008.


Creative Statistics : rhican

Only 0.1% of the people polled voted for rhican in this category. But we have to apply rhican's patented BroadBrush Statistical Treatment (tm)(r) which meant therefore that everyone did. You know it makes sense. Yes you do - now quit whining.


The Special Achievement Award for Perseverance in the Face of Adversity #1 :

 Any native English speakers who have to read Phas' posts. He calls it half-crypted posts, but we all know it's just bad English :P


The Special Achievement Award for Perseverance in the Face of Adversity #2 :

Any logicians who have to read rhican's posts.


The Special Achievement Award for Perseverance in the Face of Adversity #3 :

Anyone with a sense of humour attempting to find the punch line in any of bb's oh-so-witty posts.


The Hope Beyond Hope Award :  Element

For the tiny spark of hope and belief that still burns quietly away inside that someday, someone will reply to his request to hack his school. 


Most Requested Feature : Ignore User Button

Whilst the majority of respondents wanted a simple hard-coded button, but we think that it should be able to be used for all posters. Not just the one.


Best Challenger:

SELECT name FROM users WHERE (user_id>6500) AND (solved_challs>10)

reply from matrixman: UPDATE users SET user_id=9999 WHERE (name="matrixman")


Longest explanation of why that was funny : Phas to bb

I was having a blonde moment


Best/Hardest Challenge : Keeping Bright-Shadows in favourites

Once a thriving, active community, our beloved seems to have grown up, moved on and settled down a little. Despite some people’s best efforts to reduce the site content to a prophetic babble about the world we are all growing up in as children, and how fatally flawed it will be if we do not heed His Word, some of us keep the site in our favourites. Perhaps out of a sense of duty due to the hard work we feel we have put in, or maybe out of a futile hope that eventually the annoying noise will stop.

Still – a little more participation would be nice eh? Perhaps genuine awards for 2008? A little less of the “why bother – it won’t make any difference anyway”?


And finally a word from our sponsors.

This year they have decided  to present the award to the poster who most embodied their corporate ethos. And for having such a beautiful deity-like mane.

So it is with great pride L’Oreal awards rhican with this year’s ‘Because I’m worth it’ award.